Another recent change that Facebook have made is that anybody can now have a personalised vanity url for their personal Facebook page or profile. The old rules stated that you had to have over 25 fans to change your facebook business page url to

Now Facebook have opened this privilege to the masses. It’s very simple and worth doing – it makes your business page easier to find and easier to direct people to with a link. All you need do is

Log into your Facebook account (not your page)

Type in the url box at the top of the page

You should then be taken to a page where you can change either your personal profile or any business page url’s that you are admin to.

You can either type in a suggested one or type in your own, then click Availability

If the name you want is available then it’s yours! – simple as that

Do take note that once you have changed the name and it is registered with Facebook you can’t reverse or change the name back, it stays as it is permanently.

Enjoy the post…