There is good news for photographers. Fujifilm India has launched a community on Facebook called “League of Xtraordinary Photographers” aimed at bringing together all the X Series users in India, who are also photography enthusiasts. Designed and developed by Fujifilm Marketing team along with digital agency, Ignitee Digital Services, one can join the community through a Facebook app on the Fujifilm India Facebook page.


X series users are required to share their work profile and 8 to 10 pictures clicked from their gear. These profiles then undergo a check by the brand and are then allowed to go on their Facebook page. At the moment, the app displays the works of photographers from various places like Delhi, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Bangalore, etc. in a virtual India map.

The role of this community will involve showcasing the pictures clicked by these photographers, thus engaging the other fans to discuss various tips to capture details in the picture. Additionally, it would promote the capabilities of the brand’s premium series too.

Fujifilm India has a decent social media presence with a continuously evolving Facebook page currently at 191K fans. The wall is a delight for photography enthusiasts, and boasts of Fujifilm workshops by established photographers. The latest workshop on the page is the recently concluded street photography one by Sundeep Bali. Besides, the brand has a conversational Twitter handle wiith decent number of followers.

Social media serves as a great medium for brands to form a direct bond with consumers. In creating a dedicated community of X Series photographers, the Japanese brand has embarked on a sound social media path in India, one that not only brings together like-minded photographers, but also creates a fertile platform to promote Fujifilm premium photography products.