boost fb ads blog header Five Tips To Boost Your Facebook Ads

For many businesses, Facebook ads have been a tried and true method to reach out to new followers or engage with current ones. At Curve, we often recommend and manage Facebook ads for our clients, and we do everything to ensure our ads do well. Here are a few recommendations to point your ads in the right direction.

1. Know your objective

Facebook ads need to be looked at as part of a bigger process. How will you measure your success? Determine exactly how your company will tangibly benefit from your campaign before you run it.

2. Make sure your photos are eye-catching

The photo you choose is incredibly important for your ads. People have become very good at ignoring advertisements, so having a strong, eye-catching image will definitely pay off for you. The more appealing your ad is, the more successful your campaign will be.

3. Keep ad copy specific

Just like a tweet, Facebook limits your ad copy to 120 characters. With such a limited amount of space, avoid using vague language and tell your viewers exactly why they should click on the ad. How will clicking on it benefit them? Be as specific as possible.

4. Target your market

Targeting is one of the most important steps in the entire ad creation process. If you’re paying for people to click on your ads, you NEED to be sure your ads are being shown to the right people. Poor targeting can result in underperforming ads that will waste both your time and your money.

5. Take the next step

Once someone clicks on your ad, what kind of webpage do you have in place to receive them? Do you want people to buy your products? Sign up for a mailing list?
You need to make it crystal clear what you want people need to do or they’ll become confused and leave.