Facebook is an amazing way to gain new clients and build a social following. If you utilize Facebook correctly, you can see exponential results in the form of new clients and an expansion of your brand to people that otherwise may have never known about your brand.

It is important to understand Facebook. Creating a Facebook page and building a following is important, but just as equally important is creating great wall posts.

What I mean is that if you post something that isn’t up to par, it may not do anything for your brand, and may not increase your following. Sometimes posting a bad wall post can actually have a negative effect. It is important to understand how to create hot wall posts that will activate your fans and excite them…either excite them to go to your Facebook page or to follow your post to your advertising message.

The point of Social Media via Facebook is to keep your following engaged, while giving them useful information or tips that they can walk away with. It is give and take.

You want to make sure that you are giving just as much as you are taking….generally it is a great practice to give more than you take. What I mean by “give” is to provide useful information or tips without advertisements, and what I mean by “take” is the advertisement for something you will profit from.

Creating a great wall post is a science. There are certain words that will generate a higher response rate than others. There are a few tips that are always recommended for creating great Facebook Wall Posts:

  1. Update your status frequently, but not too frequently. Three times a day is good, ten times a day can be considered as spam.
  2. Ask Questions – by asking questions, you will keep the user engaged and they can interact and feel that they are contributing to your post.
  3. Make your wall posts short and sweet (like a breaking news headline)

Keep your wall posts light and sometimes funny – putting a serious wall post can sometimes work in the adverse affect by putting the user in a bad state of mind.

When someone replies to your wall post, it is ALWAYS recommended to respond to them promptly.  This will keep them engaged and returning to your page. By replying, you are showing the human side of your facebook and also showing that you care what your “friends” have to say.

Treat your Facebook wall as a center for learning and enjoying. By creating this atmosphere, you are greatly increasing the chances of your “fans” returning to your page often and interacting with your posts. Remember, when other people see that other people are responding, it will implant something in their subconscious that will make them want to join the conversation. When one person sees that other people are involved, it is human nature for that person to want to get involved as well.

Finally spend time going through other businesses’ Facebook Posts and see what works and what doesn’t. It is easy to do this because all you need to do is look at the amount of “Likes” and how many people have added comments to the posts.

For the posts that have a huge response, adapt that type of structure to your wall posts. For the posts that you see that have either no “Likes” or no comments, equally observe that and make sure you stay away from the “hot” words in that post that made it a bad post. Many times you will see a common thread in these “fail posts”, which are negative words or run-on sentence type of wall posts.

As you can see there are many different ways to find high quality wall posts for your Facebook Fan Page, whether you’re a great writer or not these strategies should help you out.  Don’t forget, posting something is better than posting nothing, so keep active and engaged with your audience.