How to Find Your Very Own Best Time to Share on Facebook

Would you like to find your best day and time to share on Facebook?

For the past two to three weeks a lot of talk on the web has been focused on Facebook’s algorithm change which has lead to a decrease in page reach. Some say that it’s really bad while other say that it’s not as bad as we think. But the only thing you should focus on is to move ahead. If you spend your time worrying about it too much you won’t achieve anything positive. So divert your focus onto figuring out ways to increase page engagement. The best place to begin is by analysing time.

Sharing your Facebook posts at the right time is the best way to get the most out of your posts. This is where you need to start in order to increase engagement on Facebook. You need to find your very own best time to share. Of course, you can look at studies like this one and use general Facebook share times, but these are only good when your page is relatively new and you haven’t got enough data or the share times mentioned in your Facebook page insights aren’t getting you results. So here is a quick guide on how to find your very own best time to share on Facebook…

Visit Facebook Page Insights

1. First, visit your Facebook page and check your insights by clicking on ‘See All’ or ‘Check out the new Page Insights’.

Click on Posts

2. Then click on ‘Posts’ on your insights page.

Best Day and Time to Share on Facebook

3. This will take you to a page where at the top you can see a bar graph which shows the days of the week when most of your fans are online. Below that there is another chart which shows the times at which they are online.

Find Best Time to Share on Each Day

4. If you scroll over each bar graph that indicates the days on which your fans are online you will be able to see the best times to share for that specific day.

This way figure out the best time to share for each and every day (these will be indicated by the peaks in the chart) and schedule your posts to go out at those times. Also try and leave gaps of at least three hours between posts as it takes a post 2 hours 30 minutes to receive 75% of its total impressions.

This way of finding and sharing at your very own best time on Facebook should increase engagement. For more tips on increasing your page’s reach, read my infographic 13 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Post’s Exposure. Another post you will find helpful is 13 Ways to Drive More Website Traffic From Your Facebook Page.

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Has the reach of your Facebook page(s) decreased? Have you taken any steps to increase it? I would like to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comments below.