Business owners everywhere on the planet are using Facebook to get new customers, build a large community of fans, and get detailed information about their visitors. Yet, there are some business owners who are not using this powerful tool, even though they have personal accounts on Facebook. They are probably afraid of mixing business with personal life.

To the best of my understanding, with a Facebook business page, you would be able to harness all the free resources of Facebook and more without necessarily relating it to your personal profile on Facebook.

Look at it from this angle.

There is a new country of over 750 million people, and your competitors are going there to find new customers and serve present customers better; but you are unwilling to leave where you are presently, believing that contacting them on the phone and by email is enough. Let’s face the truth – in no time, your competitors will have a better understanding of the market and would have developed more ways of interacting with your customers than you.

This is What I Have Come to Understand

Getting a website used to be the first step towards interacting with the vast Internet audience to get more customers; then blogs came.

Today, you can use Facebook business page as your first step into the online market if you cannot set up a website now. If you already have a business website, Facebook business page can bring life into your business than you can ever imagine by integrating it with your website or blog.

The good news for small business owners is, Facebook business page is easy to set up and manage. In addition, there are lots of free resources to make your page appear very professional, and they are all easy to use.

So, take the chance to grab a few, maybe just a 100, 000 or only a million, of the more than 750 million active users of Facebook.

How can Facebook Business Page Help You?

With a Facebook business page, you get instant access to all your fans through their newsfeed every time you post on that page. It is a great way to engage customers and prospects without interfering with your personal life.

Since most people visit Facebook everyday and may even stay there for a long time, they are very likely to see your news, articles, videos, links etc, and they will likely visit your page if the information is useful for them.

When you create a Facebook business page, you can upload almost everything you want on a website: your business logo, about page, photos of your products, videos of your trainings etc.

Another good thing is that you can send invitations to specific friends on your profile so that they alone can receive your page updates.

In addition, there are free plug-ins that will help you display a ‘welcome page’ to people visiting your page for the first time and allow people to sign up for your newsletters and more.

Recently, Facebook released a free guide to building exceptional business pages to help small business owners who cannot hire designers. Click Facebook for Business to visit that page. It will guide you through all the basic steps you need to set up a beautiful and user-friendly page and even better than most of the ones you see around.

In conclusion, bear in mind that Facebook business page is only a part of the online marketing mix, though a very powerful one, so do not neglect the other aspects of marketing your business.

I wish you great achievements in business as always.