If you’re like most of this planet’s inhabitants, it was a struggle to complete your business’s website. All of those ideas floating around in your mind: how you wanted the site to look, the pictures you would use, and how you’d make it look like you haven’t sold out! You were going to keep it real – authentic! If you build it, the masses would find you. You even envisioned your site being mobile friendly…but what if it isn’t?

That’s right, your site IS NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY and takes too long to load. Would consumers take the time to wait out your buffering? Nope, nada, gone, see ya! It turns out that the smart folks at the Aberdeen Group have released a report, “The Very Real Cost of Bad Website Performance”, last month that determined “as many as 40 percent of website visitors abandon a site at 3 seconds of delay.” Ouch! Take a minute, grab a drink of water, and let the sting go away for a minute. 40 percent!

As if that’s not enough of a gut punch, based on this news Mark Zuckerberg’s crew at Facebook recently began nudging businesses to speed up their load times – http://bit.ly/2clUVR4. Because the bottom line is, if consumers are dropping your site they ain’t buying your goods and services and you’ll be reluctant to purchase Facebook’s advertising the next time around. It’s the old “help me to help you” syndrome.

Business websites are great avenues to connect with your consumer base. Sites provide an insight into your business practices, objectives, and beliefs, especially important if you have philanthropic initiatives. A business website is a peek into the company’s soul and allows you to bond on a human level increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Here are few steps from Facebook Business News to get your website out of the starting blocks and down the track quicker:

  • Minimizing landing page redirects, plugins and link shorteners
  • Compressing files to decrease mobile rendering time
  • Improving server response time by utilizing multi-region hosting
  • Using a high-quality Content Delivery Network to reach audiences quickly
  • Removing render-blocking javascript

Now, I’m off to make sure my own website isn’t moving like the sands through an hour glass! On your marks…