What if I told you there’s a super easy way to find content that’s proven to be sharable AND it will naturally boost your Page when you do it? Spoiler: I’m going to tell you exactly that.

I know, there are figuratively a gazillion and one tools to curate content – many of which are fantastic and I use all the time – but I’m not talking about one of those.

I’m talking about using your Facebook Page’s Newsfeed.

Honestly, if you’re managing a Facebook page and rarely (if ever) look at your Newsfeed, you’re not alone. I’ve certainly been guilty of that in the past, but I have seen the light!

There are several advantages to doing this, a huge one being that there are built in analytics. It’s literally right there on the post how many likes, shares, and comments it’s gotten.

Using this method, you won’t have to guess what people will like. You can just see what they’ve already liked, then share that!

Follow these 3 quick and easy steps to mine Facebook for great content to share:

The 3-Steps to Curate Content from Your Newsfeed

Step 1: Stuff Your Newsfeed with Relevant Content

First things first, you’ll have to populate your Newsfeed with content. Finding and liking/following relevant accounts will fill your Page’s Newsfeed with quality, sharable posts.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to piggyback off what other pages similar to yours have already liked. If you go to another business page, you can access all the pages they’ve liked for a handy collection of relevant accounts you can like too. Here’s how:

Search for the Page of a competitor or similar account; for us that might be one like Social Media Examiner.

Facebook Content Curation Feature Search

Next, scroll down the left sidebar until you come to the “LIKED BY THIS PAGE” section. Click on the link and you’ll have access to all the pages they’ve liked and then you can pick and choose which one’s you think will provide great content in your Newsfeed.

Facebook Content Curation Feature 4

Step 1(b): Let Facebook Get to Know You

At this point, it’s going to take a little time and effort on your part to get your Newsfeed churning out the right content for you to share. Basically, you’re going to have to let Facebook “learn” what you want to see.

Facebook’s algorithm is designed to serve you up more of what you’ve previously interacted with. So it’s your job to engage with the posts most like what you want to see. Liking and/or clicking the link on a post are the easiest ways. Commenting takes a little more effort, but (probably) holds a little more weight in Facebook’s eyes. And sharing is (most likely) the strongest signal to the algorithm.

But, as we’ll get to a little bit later, engaging with posts has advantages that go far beyond creating a relevant Newsfeed for curating content. Stay tuned…

Step 2: Find the Best Performing Content

Now that you’ve got a good baseline of content to choose from, look through the stream and see what’s getting a lot of likes and shares.

Assuming it’s relevant to your audience – which it should be if you’ve done step 1 correctly – this is content proven to get engagement; pretty sweet, right?!

Facebook Content Curation Feature 5

Consider the example above. It fits right with our target audience (business owners who need marketing) and garnered 758 likes and a whopping 587 shares. Granted, “Entrepreneur” has upwards of 2.2 million fans, but this is still a great indicator that this is an engaging post.

Once you find a gem like this, click the link, copy the address and plug it back into Facebook to make a post of your own.

This brings us to the next, very important part: creating your own commentary that compliments the article link to make it appealing and share-worthy.

Writing great copy for a post is a topic for a whole other post, one that was, fortunately, already written by the fine folks at AsEspresso.com. I cannot recommend that post highly enough.

Also, whenever possible, tag the source of the content in your post copy so they get a notification that you’ve mentioned them and shared their content.

Often times, businesses and brands you’ve tagged will check out and like your post. And, depending on the size of the organization, them simply “liking” it can send the post’s organic reach through the roof, leading to a snowball effect and even more engagement.

Step 3: Show Some Social Love with Shares

So far we’ve discussed curating great content and making your own posts from it. But you’ll also want to mix in some shares.

A quick note on shares: When you share a post, it’s going to appear differently on desktop and mobile devices, so plan for it.

On desktop, there will be a link description included with the share. On mobile devices, your copy will stand alone.

Just make sure that your copy compliments and adds to the link description and also makes sense by itself.


When considering sharing, think of the golden rule of social media (that I just made up), “engage with others as you would have them engage with you.”

It’s great when someone links to your content, but it’s icing on the cake when they share directly from your page, right? Of course. So occasionally make it a point to share some posts.

So what are the best types of posts to share? Well, let’s go back to our golden rule of social. You would prefer people to share posts linking back to your original content, right? I think you all probably see where I’m going here..

Anyway, keep doing this and soon you’ll probably notice the favors are getting returned. Over time, when you’re consistently liking, commenting, and, yes, sharing other businesses’ posts, companies doing social right will take notice and reciprocate.

Aaaaand segue into the second promise of this post:

How This Method of Curating Content Will Naturally Boost Your Facebook Page

While you’re employing this method, you’ll already be hanging out in your Page’s Newsfeed, so be active. We’ve already discussed that you’ll need to keep engaging with pages that are consistently posting great content to “teach” Facebook to keep them in your feed.

So here’s where the magic happens. When you’re consistently engaging with other businesses’ posts, you’re going to get noticed. Don’t believe me? Put yourself in their place.

If there’s a business that is constantly liking and commenting on your posts, eventually you’re going to check them out, visit their page, maybe even go to their website.

At the very least, all this activity is going to drive more people to your Facebook Page. Prepare for it. Pin a post of your choosing to the top of your page.

If you’re not currently pinning posts on your Page, it’s super simple. Just pick a post, click the down arrow in the top right and click “Pin to Top.”


This will keep whatever post you choose at the top of your page to get maximum exposure, so choose wisely. We typically keep a link to our most recent blog post or video pinned to the top.

Wrapping Up

So, are you pumped to stop ignoring your business Page’s Newsfeed and take advantage of all it has to offer? Again, you can quickly and easily find great content that’s already proven to be engaging, and boost your Facebook presence in the process!

So now all that’s left is to get out and do it to it! Take five minutes right now and go like five or ten new pages that are posting relevant content and check your Newsfeed tomorrow. I promise you won’t be sorry.