After spending 24 hours getting to know Facebook’s New Subscription Feature, I still can’t decide if I want to keep it turned on and get rid of my Google+ account (jab) or just turn off the new feature.  I have mixed emotions because I truly enjoy using Facebook the way it is intended;  to keep in touch with real life friends, family, and select business associates.

But now Facebook is telling me I am suppose to invite strangers into my life?  I know these strangers will only see what I want them to see but that’s what I had Twitter & Google+ for,  I like to keep Facebook private.

I was reluctant to opt-into this new feature but I needed to see what it was all about so I published Facebook’s New Subscribe Button – Quick Tidbits yesterday and included a link subscribe to my profile.  After 15 people had subscribed, I started to give it a real chance because well, I felt really cool and wanted to share something with all of these new strange friend/followers/subscribers.  Enter the dilemma;  the only way my subscribers will see my posts is if I make them “public” but that means both my subscribers AND my friends would see that post.

My friends connect me on Facebook because they have developed a relationship with me over the years.  Yes, they care about my Social Media Marketing Agency to a certain extent (they want to see me do well in life) but if social media was they ONLY thing I talked about, they would get annoyed real quick.

My subscribers more than likely only did it because they saw my article yesterday and think I am knowledgeable in social media (they want to hear about social media, not my dinner plans).

Facebook’s Subscription Feature needs an option that allows you to post ONLY TO SUBSCRIBERS.   This way I can do fun social media related posts to my subscribers and cheer for the Buffalo Bills with my friends.  Not only would it encourage me to use Facebook the same way I do Twitter & Google+ but it would allow me to continue using it in the way it was intended.

Have you used this new feature?   What do you think about my suggestion?  Leave some comments!