Today with all the changes, Facebook made it much easier for users to eliminate “noise” in their news feed. Users could do this before, it was just not as easy and prominent.  That means these changes ultimately make it much easier for the average Facebook user to use these features & gain a better news feed experience.

Bad News for Page Admins:  Fans of your page can now easily “Hide all” of your posts, which means they would never see another status update, picture, video, or other type of post from your page again.   For the past month or so this feature was not available, you could only hide a single post and then Facebook gave the user an option to “un-like” the page, but not hide all posts.

Good News for Page Admins: Fans can’t “un-like” your page right from the News feed.  So even if a fan choose to hide everything you post, they have not yet un-liked your page, meaning you can still reach them via Facebook Advertising.  That also means you still have their virtually “social” endorsement of your brand, so you can still reach their Friends via Facebook Advertising as well.

In short, Facebook is trying to give users a better experience and the pressure is on more than ever for Page Admins to start building mutually beneficial relationships with their fans.  Engage your database of fans, don’t talk directly at them, talk with them and you won’t have to worry about being hidden or even un-liked!