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Facebook announced today, they are working to make advertising on the platform easier and more successful for all businesses. Thus, they are updating their core business tools, Ads Manager and Business Manager.

The changes will rollout through the year “to help businesses quickly create, manage and analyze ad campaigns.” (Facebook)

Ads Manager Updates

  • New features within the Ads Manager will include:
  • Streamlined Navigation
  • Integrated Search Bar and Filter Bar
  • Nested Campaign View

The campaign creation tools will also be updated with a new copy and paste function that will offer more flexibility when creating and building ads. There will also be an auto-naming feature that will make it quicker for businesses to customize campaigns, ad sets, and ad names.

A more “intuitive ad-level creative and placement editing tools” will be rolled out in the future.

“As digital advertising becomes more complex, we want to make our tools easier to use to help businesses of all sizes succeed.” (Facebook)

Earlier this month Facebook made several other changes to the Ad Platform with new metrics, changes in potential reach, and removed some less actionable metrics. (See more information on these updates here.)

All the new updates to the Ads Manager will be available to all advertisers by next year.

Business Manager Updates

The new Business Manager platform will make it easier for agencies to activate client campaigns on Facebook. These changes will include a “seamless process for agencies to onboard new clients.” This will offer a better way to manage the clients’ historical reporting.

It will also make it easier for agencies to assign and organize assets within the account.

“All of these features were designed not only to improve the look and feel of our ads tools, but also to help advertisers work more efficiently. You can learn more about the design considerations that went into improving the advertiser experience here.” (Facebook)

For more information on the improvements visit the Facebook Help Center.