The last thing that you want to do is find that your business has fallen into “Facebook Jail”.

Basically that kind of sticky little purgatory between being able to run effective advertising and marketing the Facebook platform and being completely and totally ignored not just by every day Facebook users (your target market) but also the Facebook platform itself, staying out of Facebook Jail is definitely going to be high on your list of things to take care of as a modern-day entrepreneur.

We all understand just how potent and powerful social media can be when it comes to building a business – but we never really up fully grasp just how much power and potential we have until we find ourselves locked out of the biggest platform on the planet. With hundreds of millions of users logging into Facebook every single day (and spending billions and billions of hours on the platform every month), the last thing you can afford to do is give up instant access to all of those prospects for pennies on the dollar

Stay out of Facebook Jail at all costs.

Always – ALWAYS – read the rules, regulations, and guidelines to using Facebook advertising before you submit


The best way to stay out of the official Facebook Jail is to make sure that you follow up on all of the rules and regulations that Facebook has set up for their advertising. Though these can seem a little bit limiting when you’re looking to make a big splash on the world biggest social media platform, the truth of the matter is that it’s just not worth running afoul of these specific rules in an effort to grab some quick cash or just a handful of leads.

It’s always better to air just a little bit on the side of caution when moving forward with this type of marketing and advertising – there’s no reason to give up all of the potential you have at your fingertips for one splashy campaign.

Understand exactly what Facebook is before you send out your Facebook advertising, private messages or friend requests.

Now, I know that this sounds at least a little bit silly and the surface – but stick with me. While most of us have our own Facebook accounts (use them on a daily basis), when we put on our business owner hats were entrepreneur hats we forget exactly what the Facebook platform is.

First and foremost this is an SOCIAL media site and platform – not just a bucket of targeted traffic that we can throw marketing and advertising at. You’re never going to bust out of the unofficial Facebook Jail (where where your marketplace and prospects completely and totally ignored your advertising) unless you try to blend in with the scenery while at the same time standing out.

I get it, that sounds totally contradictory – and on the surface it is. However, once you start to play the “social media game” and provide the kind of content that your marketplace on Facebook is looking for – gossip the information, links to exciting new tips and tricks, and other “background” kinds of information – you’re going to be able to better craft effective advertising and marketing. Think about what you would share with your friends on Facebook and then craft that kind of package and campaign, and watch as your Facebook marketing and advertising results go through the roof.

Now it’s your turn!

Have you been in Facebook Jail? What did you do to alleviate the consequences? Please share your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!

To your Success,

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