Have you ever logged into Facebook from your computer, only to be notified that your security code has been sent to your mobile phone, but you don’t have instant access to your mobile phone? Maybe you left it upstairs in your bedroom, haven’t charged it, or your significant other has driven it away in her car. Maybe you have no idea this even means or where to even find the security code.

Facebook has just announced that it has an answer.

Facebook now offers account authentication via USB Security Keys. These keys, manufactured by companies like Yubico, generate a one-time code that is automatically sent to the website. Because these security keys do not rely on transmitting verification codes via cell phones, the process is seamless and fast. You no longer have to wait for a code to be sent, or look for your cell phone if it isn’t with you. The codes cannot be captured without physical access to the security key itself, making them even more secure.

Facebook is joining websites such as DropBox, Gmail, Google Apps, GitHub, SalesForce and Dashlane in providing this added layer of security.

The latest versions of these keys work on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux operating systems, major browsers and NFC-enabled Android mobile devices. The USB Security Key is small enough to fit on a keychain and offers protection on compatible computers. The keys are relatively inexpensive and one key works for all enabled websites.

While only near-field communications (NFC) enabled mobile devices are currently supported, Facebook’s engineers believe that more API’s on the Android and other platforms will soon support the keys. In the meantime, not having to take the extra steps to log in and not having to keep track of your cell phone while you are on your home computer can be a good thing!