Digital PR Tip: Remarketing

remarketing Facebook

Is remarketing a valid PR tactic? Native advertising (branded content) has blurred the line between between advertising and PR. Using social advertising to amplify your content is a skill every PR practitioners should master.

How does it remarketing on Facebook work?

In order to remarket to someone they have to have visited your owned content once already – perhaps they interacted with you on your website, blog or newsroom. Then you can reach out to them later on Facebook and remind them of your site or content.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Pixel-based – You place a piece of code provided by Facebook on your website or newsroom. This pixel code tracks the visitors and creates a custom audience on Facebook using this information
  2. You entice your visitors to opt-in and give you their email address. Create your own custom audience in Facebook using that data file.


You set up a webinar and promote it far and wide. You place the pixel tracking code on the registration page. That allows you to reach out to the people who looked at your registration page but did not actually register and give you their email address. Of course the second time you touch them you have to offer new reasons to opt-in or register. You almost had them, but they clicked away. Now you have to give them more reasons to take the action.

You can also remarket to those who did opt in. Give them teasers about the event, so that they get more excited about it and share it with others.

There are a dozen more ways you can use the Facebook remarketing feature for PR content. Here’s just one of them – create a list of opt in bloggers and remind them of your fresh newsroom content when they log on to Facebook.

Now that Facebook organic has become overloaded, it’s time to get laser-targeted and use the features Facebook provides to amplify your PR content and reach the right audience.