This social media tutorial will cover Facebook’s Recent Posts by Others box located on your business page. The “Recent Post by Others” box was rolled out when Facebook converted over to Timeline and appears in the upper right hand corner of your Fan page. This box catalogs the posts to your Fan page created by someone other than the page admin.

recent posts by fans on your fan page

By Default your Fan pages Recent Posts by Others will be displayed for all to see.

Most of the time these recent posts will be pictures, links, complaints, or testimonials from clients or fans who have used your products or services. However it also allows other Fan pages to promote themselves on your page so remember while collaboration and cross promotion is fun, it can be over done and may clutter up your page with unnecessary advertising or promotions if not managed.

Video Tutorial

You can either manage these posts directly from your Timeline or click “See all” for the archive view.

Archive View – Don’t forget to Moderate your Recent Posts by Others

Filter out messages by these options:

  • Default- By Default your Facebook page is set to allow recent posts from your fans
  • Highlighted on Page- Will display the recent post on your Timeline in a much bigger image block
  • Allowed on Page- Will display the selected post as if it was actually posted directly to your timeline
  • Hidden from Page- Hide the update from the page to where only the fan who left the comment (along with their connections) can see the recent post
  • Delete- Deletes the update permanently
  • Report/Mark as Spam- Remove unwanted recent posts and report the user who posted it

Removing the Recent Posts by Other Box

If you find it best to remove the Recent Posts by Others box from your Fan page, navigate to your Fan page “Manage Permissions” settings.

how to remove recent posts by others on Facebook

You can also remove the “Recent Posts by Others” box entirely

Here you can remove or limit the posting capability your fans have as well as the option to remove the Recent Posts by Others box entirely. Removing the Recent Post by Others box will also free up space on your Timeline and push more of the content you post to the top of your page.

But that will do it for this social media tutorial on Facebook’s Recent Posts by Others. View more video tutorials on social media or leave a suggestion for my next tutorial in the comments below.

Would you rather show or hide your “Recent Posts by Others” box?

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