How Facebook Could Be Profitable for Your Online BusinessFacebook has undergone some recent updates, making it more useful for search engine marketing—and more profitable in terms of your digital marketing efforts for your online business.

Need some convincing? Here are five reasons why you may wish to incorporate Facebook into your online business’ marketing practices.

1.  Power Editor

This is one of the newest features of Facebook that caters to web site marketing. The feature is used to create and manage ads, with its interface allowing you to input keywords, graphics, and more. With Power Editor, you can improve your web marketing campaigns, make changes as needed, and add or delete content when necessary.

2.  Ads Manager

This nifty new feature can help you sharpen your web marketing strategy. With Ads Manager, you can specify and limit your ads based on your target audience. You can also build up an audience based on past traffic. By playing the role of a social media search engine marketing specialist, you can reach the right people more effectively.

(It should also be noted that another feature that could be useful in focusing your marketing strategy on Facebook called Custom Audiences is set to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for that as well.)

3.  Multi-Product Ads

Have lots of products? Want to display more ads? In the past, you could only display one at a time. Thanks to Facebook’s new multi-product ads feature, you can display ads for up to three products, each with their own image, on both desktop and mobile media.

4.  Savings

Facebook is free to use, and many businesses have reported saving on click-through and cost-per-acquisition fees by using the site. If there’s any one incentive to use Facebook, this is it, especially if you’re a small online business working within a tight budget!

5.  Popularity

Despite being 10 years old, Facebook’s user base has remained high. In addition, it’s catered more and more to businesses over time, giving an accessible, proven means of digital marketing. In fact, many businesses have reported huge increases in click-through rates by using Facebook, and continue to do so.

This article How Facebook Could Be Profitable for Your Online Business was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.