Although the social network’s recent changes were meant to draw more attention to Facebook Events, it seems that organizers are being met with more restrictions.

First noticed by Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith, Facebook is now placing a limit on the amount of people you can invite to an event. While an unlimited amount of people can be invited, you can only reach out to 100 at a time.

Once the first 100 have been invited, then you can start inviting more. That is, until you reach 300 pending invites. Past 300, you’ll have to wait for some people to respond before you’ll be able to add more. It might not be a deal-breaker, but it could certainly pose an inconvenience for large event organizers.

Facebook hasn’t commented on what sparked the change, but it’s likely in response to the high number of complaints it receives for unwanted event invites. Social media strategist Eden Rudin is happy about the new limit, stating that “it will make people think twice before inviting me to events that they know darn well I won’t attend.”

However, not everyone shares her sentiments as most of Facebook’s changes are met with harsh criticisms from its user base. Many people who rely on Facebook Events for webinars, podcasts, and so on are being “caught off-guard.” Some are even considering switching over to Google+ and Evite.

But it seems that if you’re not abusing the system, then the new restrictions won’t have much of an impact on your habits. If anything, it’ll make you more selective about who you invite, possibly increasing the number of RSVPs you’ll receive. That said, if you’re planning an event for all of your Facebook fans, you’ll have to take it step by step using the new limits.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Horia Varlan]