Understanding the Facebook pixel can be a little overwhelming. In this blog post, I take you through a step by step process of creating and installing the Facebook pixel.

The Facebook pixel code

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that works like magic for your Facebook ads strategy.

By installing and using the Facebook pixel, you can create one of the most powerful kinds of Facebook ads – Retargeting ads.

The Facebook pixel also helps you track conversions, thus making your Facebook ad results quantifiable.

The Importance of the Facebook pixel

Have you ever visited a product page on a website only to start receiving Facebook ads for that exact product?

That’s the Facebook pixel at play.

By using the Facebook pixel you can retarget people based on the exact part of your funnel where they left off.

Where to find your Facebook pixel

Facebook recently updated the location of the Facebook pixel (again).

If you are wondering where the Facebook pixel disappeared, I got you covered.

With the most recent update, you can find the Facebook pixel data under Events Manager on the top left menu. Events Manager can be found under “Manage Business”.

Facebook events manager

When you click on Events Manager, you will be able to see your pixels.

Facebook pixel

The process of creating your Facebook pixel

If you are just getting started with using the Facebook pixel, you will first have to create it.

You can get started with creating a Facebook pixel by clicking on the green + button.

Create a new Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel creation process

Choose Web and click on Get Started.

Choose Facebook pixel

Choose Facebook pixel and click on Connect.

Name your Facebook pixel

Give your Facebook pixel a name and add your website URL.

Manually install Facebook pixel

Click on Install Code Manually.

How to install the Facebook pixel base code

There are a million ways to install the Facebook pixel. The main thing to remember is that the Facebook pixel base code is placed before the closing of the HEAD tag.

If you just created the Facebook pixel, when you click on Install code manually in the image shown above, You will be able to copy code. This is your base code. See image below.

Facebook pixel base code

If you already have a pixel, click on Setup pixel and choose Install code manually.

Facebook pixel setup

Custom conversions

Let’s say you are running a webinar.

How do you differentiate between users who landed on the registration page and signed up vs those who landed on the registration page but did not sign up ( so you can retarget them)?

You do this using a custom conversion pixel.

The Facebook pixel base code goes on all pages of your funnel.

In this case, your Facebook pixel base code will be present on both your registration page and thank you page.

In order to identify those who did not land on your thank you page ( meaning they did not register), you will a way of differentiating between the two.

We do this using custom conversions.

After you have set up the Facebook pixel, installed the base pixel code and tested it, you can then create a custom conversion.

Click on Create and choose Create a custom conversion

custom conversion

You can name your custom conversion, add your thank you page link and if it is the thank you page of a paid product, you can also add a conversion value.

custom conversions event

The Facebook pixel extension

The Facebook pixel helper is a Google chrome extension that you can use to test and make sure the Facebook pixel is firing.

The Facebook pixel helper is a free chrome extension and you can find it in the chrome web store.

Just click on “Add to chrome” to add it to your chrome browser.

Facebook pixel helper

To test the pixel, go to the page you installed the pixel on, and you will be able to see the pixel(s) when you click on the Facebook pixel helper extension.

Facebook pixel extension

Install the Facebook pixel on WordPress

The easiest way to install the Facebook pixel on WordPress is by using the Header and Footer scripts plugin.

After installation, you will find the plugin under “Settings”.

When you click on the plugin, there will be a “Scripts in Header” tab, you can just paste your base pixel code in this tab.

Header and footer scripts

You will find the “Insert Script to <head>” tab under every post and page. You can paste your Facebook events pixel code here, depending on that page’s conversion event.

Insert script to header

Install the Facebook pixel on Clickfunnels

If you are using Clickfunnels, or any other sales funnel builder, you can install the Facebook pixel base code in the Head tracking code section under settings of the funnel.

INstall Facebook pixel on Clickfunnels

You can add the conversion events tracking code on the page under Settings > Tracking code.

Facrbook custom conversion pixel

Do you have any questions regarding the Facebook pixel? Let me know in the comments.

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