Facebook Pages 101: Admin Settings For Your Page

Whether you’ve just set up your new Facebook business page… or had it a while and need to make changes…

The Facebook Pages Admin & Settings Panel are your destinations!

With the arrival of the new Timeline format for Facebook Pages just a couple of months ago, many things got moved around, and that included the link to GET to the settings page!

Accessing Your FB Page Settings

1. First you need to visit your page directly. You can do this by either typing in its vanity URL in the URL field, or by visiting it by using FB as the page or by finding the page in the list of pages you admin.

In this screenshot, we have just arrived at our page:

2. Near the top of the Page, in the bar that says Admin Panel, You will see a link that says “Show” (It will say Hide if you’ve already opened the panel.) Click “Show” to open the “Admin Panel”.

Once the panel is open, you will see a brief overview of the Page including recent activity. This is often the easiest way to see what has been going on on the page in the last few days.

3. In the menu again, this time select the “Edit Page” drop-down and then click on “Update Info”. This is where we now need to go to access all of our Page Settings (aka the Page Dashboard). See image above.

4. Now, in the Page Dashboard…

Here, you see a number of options down the left hand sidebar:

a) “Your Settings” – customize if you receive email notifications of page activity.

b) “Manage Permissions” – un/publish the page, restrict page visibility, alter posting abilities, alter tagging abilities, enable/disable the message box, moderation blocklist, profanity filter and optionally delete the page.

c) “Basic Information” – Set or change page name, set or change page vanity URL, set or change category, enter founding date, about, description, general info, website URL and more

d) “Profile Picture” – upload a profile image 180x180px and 4MB max file size. (Can also be done from the front end of the Page)

e) “Featured” – Customize the Featured Likes and Featured Page Owners section

f) “Resources” – guides, tools and best practices for managing your page.

g) “Admin Roles” – Add or remove admins, customize the admin rights of individual admins.

h) “Apps” – Manage the apps you have added to the page. Note that removing an app here does not remove its permissions from your profile. You may also wish to remove it from your profile.

i) “Mobile” – Get the custom mobile email address for your page. This allows you to post to the page via email. Do not let anyone see this address as there is no double-check security on it.

j) “Insights” – your page statistics/metrics

k) “Help” – the Facebook Help Section

It’s as easy as that to access all of the administrative settings for your new Facebook Business (Fan) Page!

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