Facebook is among the most recognizable and advanced social media enterprises today. A major part of its success story is its professed love for open source software, which the company uses as means of augmenting innovation across multiple projects. In fact, open source is a key resource among Facebook’s web developers due to its flexibility in providing immediate security patches and collaboration across platforms.

Facebook’s open source projects integrate a slew of purposes from security to big data management.

Let’s dive into a few:

Osquery: The social platform uses this source code to combat software hacks. Check out this recent post from Wired that discusses how large operations like Facebook require more than just run-of-the-mill security software. For this reason, Facebook implements open source code innovations of its own in order to leverage appropriate security solutions. The organization also aims to help others improve the security of their software as well by open sourcing Osquery.

Conceal: This project will help developers create more secure apps for the Android phone. While encryption provides a solution to the secrecy of data, Conceal aims to implement security even further by using the algorithm HMAC, explained Subodh Iyengar a software engineer at Facebook. This open source code will boost caching and storage for mobile apps.

Presto: This open source technology is meant to augment big data analytics. It’s been adopted by other Internet name brands, such as Netflix and Dropbox, further indicating Facebook’s dedication to the development of companies besides their own. Presto provides speed and scale over an SQL query engine which matches the data sorting needs required by large organizations. This tool will help manage the wealth of data that is received by such large scale corporations in order to analyze their respective user interactions.

Facebook’s innovations have provided solutions for not only themselves, but an abundance of other organizations. To that end, their open source software is available for public use; however, always refer back to these important tips.