While teenagers are hanging out on newer, edgier social sites, their parents and grandparents continue to flock to Facebook. (Could this be why the kids are leaving?) For most marketers, this is not bad news. Sure, if you are marketing to the younger set, you will need to figure out how to put together a strategy that includes Snapchat, Vine and Whisper. But if you are looking to engage with grown-ups, Facebook still has the edge, showing a 41.4% increase for the 35-54 age group and a whopping 80.4% increase for the 55+ group.

The chart put together by DJ Saul at iStrategyLabs included some other interesting statistics, including the growth rate for certain cities. While Facebook membership in New York has grown by almost 120% and San Francisco by almost 150%, Chicago has grown only by 26.3% and Houston by 23.8%. And those are the statistics that might warrant a closer look.