When it comes to marketing your business, Christmas planning can never start too early, in fact I can highly recommend that you start working on your branding initiatives for the jolly holiday season at least a year ahead of time. If your Advent calendar seems to be running out of days however and you find you are unprepared, no worries, I’ve got your back! I will be presenting some quick and innovative ideas which can simply be implemented from the comfort of your own desk (providing you are internet savvy of course).

Social Media Marketing should never be underestimated, it is definitely not just a platform for teenagers! Use it to market your business and more so, take advantage of it during the Christmas season (or any holiday for that matter). Facebook is my favorite platform to do just this and the following 5 points are awesome concepts that you can (and should) include into your Christmas marketing strategies before and during the festivities:

  1. Start by adding a touch of jolliness to your Facebook page. Design a banner that includes a note such as “we wish you a merry Christmas” or “happy holidays”. Each year I like to add a Santa hat to my profile picture and company logo, to emphasise my holiday spirit. Make sure that these designs are done professionally, this way you are guaranteed to get some extra attention.
  2. Remember to include a “human” touch. We often get lost in the online world and we forget there are actual people who are behind all these media and marketing endeavors. I suggest posting photos of your staff and office/storefront onto your page. Audiences will appreciate this (because we are all nosy) and they will be more likely to make contact with you. Get creative, and give your page a human face!
  3. One sneaky tip that does no harm is to research your competitors on Facebook and see what they are up to during the silly season. Each company has its own niche which could inspire plenty customized Facebook marketing ideas. For example: if you’re a butcher, grocer or fish monger, you could do posts on scrumptious festive recipes, featuring your produce. Auto mechanics could do check-lists on simple car maintenance tips for safe holiday travels. Restaurants can distribute custom menus and details of their seasonal banquets or catering options. Gyms could send around tips for avoiding the dreaded ‘Christmas Food’. The notions are endless!
  4. Competitions always gather effective results. If timed correctly, a seasonal competition in the run up to D Day (or “C” day in this case) can generate engagement, interest in your products and possibly new Facebook Fans for this crucial buying period.
  5. You’re on a social network, so be SOCIAL! Interact with your audience, start conversations (ask questions), respond to feedback, engage in debates and promote discussions. This is how you become a personable brand and a social media success. I like to do “fill-in-the-blank posts” like: All I want for Christmas is ____________________.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a schlep. It’s a time to get your creative juices flowing, to add some excitement to your office and last but not least, you get to build your brand! Also remember that Social Media Marketing is just one facet of promoting your product/service. For your efforts to be successful you need to incorporate a variety of techniques so that all of your audiences can be reached.