Using Facebook as your marketing hub is both free and effective. Its platform is visually-rich and encourages two-way communication between your business and your customers. But how do you bring your Facebook marketing to the next level? In this guide, we’ll guide you through it!

Facebook Marketing Return On Investment (ROI) for Health Food & Supplement Retailers:

1. Engage with your customers personally; see what products they’re talking about.

2. Boost traffic to your website.

3. Find new customers through the friends of your fans.

4. Augment your drip email campaigns.

5. Use Facebook’s Opengraph to dig deeper into the demographics of your fans.

An excellent way of achieving these ROIs is through the use of promotions. Four very useful types of promotions you can launch on Facebook are:

-Photo Contests
-Vote Contests
-Product Showcase


Sweepstakes are the simplest to execute of the four and are highly recommended for health food and supplement retailers who are just starting out. The barrier for entry is minimal; all an entrant needs to do is submit their email. Sweepstakes create buzz, engage customers, and can lure the friends of your fans into liking your page.

This example, courtesy of Murray’s Natural Health Solutions, is both simple and effective. The store is looking to forge relationships with new customers and improve relationships with current ones, and thus has decided to give away a $50 gift card.

Pro Tip: Although this may seem like common sense, make sure you give away your business’ own products. Sweepstakes are meant to be promotion for your products, to build buzz and get customers excited. You’d be amazed how many companies that aren’t Apple give away iPads.

Photo Contests:

With the advent and subsequent widespread use of smartphone technology, taking digital photos and sharing them on Facebook has become easy as pie. Such simplicity has resulted in hundreds of millions of photos being added to Facebook every day. Coupling this information with the fact that photos on Facebook receive 53% more likes than other content, and hosting a photo contest begins to look like a pretty good idea.

User-submitted photo contests are an excellent way to have your customers immersed with your brand. For health food and supplement retailers, you can make the theme anything from “Show us what you look like after your workout” to “Feature our product in the photo”, which is perfect for both getting the entrant engaged with what you’re selling, but it also doubles as free publicity.

This example features Murray’s Natural Health Solutions again. In it, they are running a photo contest to entice their customers to submit a photo of their best workout photo. This will bring them a ton of new reach from the people sharing the photos.

Pro Tip: Unless you have a large Facebook fanbase who engage with your page frequently, you’re going to want to keep your photo contest simple. However, don’t forget that photo contests are perfect for immersing your customers in your products, and as free promotion. Maintain a balance between both.

Vote Contests:

Like photo contests, vote contests get customers interacting with your brand in a personal way. Unlike photo contests, however, the barrier of entry is much less. Entrants don’t have to upload any of their own content, thus many more people are likely to enter.

Vote contests also serve as a way to find out, direct from your customers, what your most popular products are. And, depending on the prize you’re giving away, entrants may get their friends to enter, increasing feedback and adding new potential customers.

Here’s a great example of how you can run a Vote Contest for your retail location:

Murray’s Natural Health Solutions’ three best selling supplements are multivitamins, vitamin D, and omega 3s. In exchange for what is essentially feedback to determine their most popular item, Murray’s is offering a $50 gift card.

In addition, you can send targeted email campaigns based on each voter’s candidate of choice. This is perfect for drip email campaigns.

Pro Tip: A straight and to the point title for your vote contest is essential to its success. Keep it direct so customers know exactly what’s going on.

Product Showcase:

Showcasing your products on your Facebook page is an easy way to get users browsing and sharing the items you carry. No doubt your fans will share the products they are passionate about, effectively engaging them.

WIth the myriad of health products and nutritional supplements out there, it can be hard for customers to choose which product best suits them, so by presenting as much of your catalogue on Facebook as possible, you’re making yourself an easy choice.

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