Facebook and the Law of Attraction, hmmm…are you wondering what I’m up to with this blog?  I have thought about this for a long time and decided to share some of my perspectives on this phenomenon. I have long been a believer in the Law of Attraction or You Get Back What You Put Out or Like Attracts Like, etc.  There are many ways of saying the Law of Attraction and you may have your own phrase that resonates with you on this.  What has this got to do with Facebook?  Quite a bit, I believe.

I am on Facebook a lot for personal and business use and I enjoy catching up with friends whether I know them in person or we have connected via Facebook.  People post an incredible amount of personal information on Facebook when it comes to expressing their feelings, health, opinions, business, politics and social issues.  Humor is shared among Facebook “friends” along with thousands of photographs and videos.

If we hold fast to the idea that the “story” we tell about our lives is the way the Universe brings forth our deepest desires, then telling that story on Facebook could be considered a direct line of communication to the Universe or whatever deity or name you wish to give All That Is.  Facebook posts have energy as all words do.  What we speak is so often what we project out to the Universe which is why working on speaking a positive story is so important for the Law of Attraction.  Call it Positive Spin if you will.

I do not like to share negative feelings, ideas or opinions on Facebook.  I speak in a positive voice because it is so easy to do that when posting on Facebook.  Even if I’m having a horrendous day, I will find the positive and post that on my Facebook page.  Why is that? Am I hiding behind a false Pollyanna facade?  Perhaps but isn’t that the point of putting out the way we want things to be to the Universe.  Think of Facebook as an instantaneous communication to the forces of the Law of Attraction.  The other benefit to presenting a positive front in your Facebook persona is that writing something positive can alter your state of mind and you actually feel better which enhances the Like Attracts Like concept of the Law of Attraction.

Now I know, you’re thinking that sometimes it is great to get positive feedback from Facebook friends when you are troubled, ill, family crisis or simply having a crappy day. I get that but I would look closely at the words you choose when posting that kind of message on Facebook.  I have seen personal friends post about their battle with cancer and every post was a personal message of strength and triumph.  It’s okay to be sad.  It’s okay to be afraid and it is certainly okay to ask for strength, guidance and healing energy from those in your Facebook world.  I simply suggest that you find a piece of positive language each time you post on Facebook.  Show the world a positive front even when you don’t necessarily feel it.  You know…put on a happy face. It works.

If Facebook is a channel to the Universe (and every written word is) then perhaps the Law of Attraction will be prompted to move heaven and earth a little faster if we keep our Facebook posts positive.

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