Simon / Pixabay

Get ready, world. Facebook isn’t going anywhere. It’s about to be even more of a role in our everyday humanity.

The social media conglomerate is going to eat the real world. Literally. It’s going to be our life; our whole life. Facebook’s master plan (insert maniacal, evil laughter) includes virtual and augmented reality, more live video, and integrated workplace software. It will change our personal lives forever, while having everlasting implications on everyday business.

The Master Plan

Facebook’s goal all along was to build social and business relationships through its websites and apps. In fact, they drive us to build and connect with others in their newsfeeds and messenger features. However, the connectivity doesn’t stop there.

It’s not just about posting photos and sharing interesting posts either. The social media giant is about to hit fast-forward in a big way!

We’ll be able to connect without even touching a keyboard. Users are going to send messages with their thoughts and virtually interact with people from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Reality Will Be Your Reality

Let me tell you about Spaces; Facebook’s social virtual reality app that’s currently being developed. Currently, we know about virtual reality technology’s current features such as 360-degree pictures and videos. Let’s go beyond that.

Facebook’s Spaces wants to create a virtual hangout for your personal use and business purposes, with individuals represented by self-created avatars such as Bitmoji(s). Like this guy to the right.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was recently quoted as saying, “We want to get a billion people in virtual reality.” With Spaces, that might not be an unreachable goal. Facebook already has 2.1 billion active users, and that number grows by the day.

With virtual reality, there comes an entire new world. It’s a whole new way to view business. People will need virtual clothing and accessories. There will be apps to be used inside the app. There will be places you can only access by paying to do so.

The possibilities are endless. Facebook is the leader in the clubhouse to make all of this happen. So, don’t get tired of the over-saturation of users on the social platform. Get ready for the whole new world that it’s about to create.