While the competitor social networking websites were all introducing their video chat options, Facebook was lagging behind for a couple of months. This is the reason why Facebook things that the video calling options will breathe naturally within the Messenger, the chat app of this highest-used social media site. Messenger launched its free VOIP video calling over Wifi connections and cellular on iOS and Android in the UK, US, Canada and 15 other countries. With this launch, the primary aim of this company is to connect people face-to-face, irrespective of where they are and what connection they’re using on their phone. With their Messenger app, anyone with a brand new phone with strong LTE could start a video chat with a person with a low-end Android phone that has a few network bars.

Around 600 million users are using Messenger and another whopping 1.44 billion are on Facebook and this new ad-on feature has got an in-built audience. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly said that Messenger already accounts for around 10% of global VOIP calls. He believes that high quality audio of VOIP will gradually displace the conventional system of calling through phone and video calling will gradually accelerate the popularity of this system and the company.

Being face-to-face with your friends and family members

Messenger’s video calling has become available for Android users, iOS in Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Greece, France, Laos, Ireland, United Kingdom, US and many more countries. More and more regions will be added to this list gradually. When you have access, you can see a small video camera icon at the right-hand site corner when you’re chatting with someone over Messenger. When you tap on it, this will start a video call, which if the recipient accepts, the cameras will start off in a selfie mode. However, you can easily toggle to the rear end camera in order to show him what you’re doing.

One smart feature that has been embedded into the video calling option is that a person can turn off his video feed in order to make the other person’s video quality higher. If you’re sitting in your drawing room and chatting with a friend who is climbing a mountain, you can turn off your video and give him that extra bandwidth. After all, you being able to see the scenery behind him is more important than he seeing your drawing room.

Is such software eating up your phone and data plans?

There are lot of people who have reportedly expressed their desire of being able to engage in a video conversation over Messenger. Instead of making the traditional calls, you can simply text that person and start a video chat with a simple tap. This will also let Facebook endorse Messenger’s new video chatting option without making it too annoying. Hence, it is not always about software eating up the data plans as most of it is free of cost.

So, if you’re looking for some recipe for social media marketing, you can definitely use the brand new video calling feature of Facebook’s Messenger and make the most of it. For all other call tools that you may need to kickstart your call centre business, you may visit Call Tools Predictive dialer for more information.