The ubiquitous Facebook Like and Share buttons, seen over 22 billions times a day on 7.5 million websites (according to Facebook) are getting a makeover. On Thursday, the company announced a new design for both the Like and Share buttons “to help people share more great content across the web.”

Facebook Like and Share Buttons
image courtesy of Facebook

Facebook shared that they’ve been seeing a favorable increase in Likes and Shares from a select group of users that have integrated the new design (though we all know that content plays a huge part in overall engagement on any social channel), and will be rolling out the new buttons to everyone over the next few weeks. And, if you’re currently using the Like or Share button, they say you’ll be automatically upgraded to the new version with the roll out.

Facebook touts the ability to now use the Like and Share buttons side-by-side and suggests using them together to drive more referral traffic to your website like Huffington Post does in the example provided by Facebook. Huffington Post is quoted as saying, “We place the Like and Share buttons right below the headline of our articles and in a persistent left side bar that stays with the user when they scroll down the page. We want to give people every opportunity to like and share content, and, at this point, I like to think we’ve made it hard not to engage in social actions.”

Huffington Post use of Facebook Like and Share buttons
image courtesy of Facebook

What do you think of the new Facebook buttons? Think they’ll increase your engagement on the social network?

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