facebookhomeWhen one door closes many more may open. This is the case when social media marketers were up in arms about the changes to the Facebook newsfeed.  Those changes drastically limited marketers’ reach to potential clients. On a brighter note, it seems new opportunities to market via the social media giant may be on the horizon with the advent of Facebook Home.  The launch of Facebook Home allows for a seamless integration of mobile and social media marketing through the creation of an interface that is accessible on the home and lock screen of phones on the Android IOS.

What does this mean for social media marketers? It means it’s time to overhaul your Facebook page.  While Facebook Home is new, speculations are that very soon advertisements may be incorporated into these updates that users are presently seeing on their home screens.  Your Facebook page should be optimized for the needs of mobile users who don’t have time to sift through lengthy descriptions and conversations.  To appeal to the busy social network user, ensure that you have high quality content through using visual communication  like pictures and videos. This type of content is best suited for likes and comments from mobile users.  Also, ensure that relevant contact detail and directions are at front and center; this allows users to quickly get the information they need in a matter of seconds.

Facebook has approximately 1 billion users worldwide with 680 million using a mobile app to access their Facebook account.  This growing number of mobile users was once a concern for marketers utilizing Facebook.   The new Facebook Home has changed how mobile users engage with content.  Mark Zuckerberg states, Facebook Home is the “best version of Facebook there is!” Facebook marketers anxiously wait for the opportunity to determine if this declaration is true.