facebookIn May, we reported on Facebook IQ’s new data about the shifting trends in content discovery. The report had a few essential insights for marketers, including these highlights:

  • One in three millennials only discover content online.
  • One in three millennials discover content both online and on TV.
  • Nearly three in four prefer digital for discovery because of its 24/7 accessibility.
  • Three in four Facebook video views occur on mobile.

The data consistently reveals three significant insights:

  1. Millennials are discovering content online.
  2. They’re going mobile.
  3. They’re attracted to video.

Marketers who understand the relationship between millennials’ Facebook behavior and their methods and moments of content discovery have a huge advantage. Facebook identifies four categories of Moments That Matter.


How Should Marketers Connect In These Moments?
Facebook IQ has a few suggestions…

  1. Be Personal. Brands will have to learn to identify what matters to people on a personal level. These “moments that matter” might happen multiple times a day or only once in a lifetime. Learn what your audience values first. Once you know what’s important to them, then you can start your messaging.
  2. Be Precise. Messaging has to be precise and relevant. What are you showing? How are you showing it? And why are you showing it? Small, digestible, image-driven content accounts for most of what’s working with millennials. Test drive different messages in different formats to find what is resonating with your audience.
  3. Be Persistent. Brands who want to successfully integrate with consumers’ “moments that matter” will be persistent. Your strategy will constantly evolve as you determine how your audience prefers to connect with you. Take notes. Don’t give up!

Where Do You See the Future of Content Discovery?
Facebook strongly suggests marketers prepare their strategies for connecting with users (especially on mobile) in meaningful ways. Content discovery has expanded far beyond basic advertising placement. Today, the process of discovering content is an ongoing conversation – a story between the brand, the user, and a larger audience.

What’s your take on the future of content discovery?

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