“Get Notifications” Allows Fans To Stay Tuned In!

In the recent “Fan Page Fear Factor” report we discussed the possibility that Facebook page fans would soon be offered a way to bypass the crippling effects of EdgeRank on their ability to keep tabs on a Facebook Page.

(If you didn’t view that report, and you are using a Facebook Page, you really should as it contains things you need to know.)

It’s here! (You may not have this feature yet but you will soon as it is in gradual release.)

Screenshot of the new "Get Notifications" link, under the Liked Button, on Facebook

Located under the “Liked” button on Facebook Fan (Business) Pages, the “Get Notifications” option allows the fan to choose to get a notification every time the page publishes a piece of content.

In the Facebook report, which I hope you’ve watched, I published a number of important pros and cons to this feature. This will either be VERY powerful for you or problematic for your fans.

The notification, of each new item posted, will show up in their upper left toolbar, just like other notifications, and can very easily be fully disabled right from there. It’s incredibly easy to turn off the notifications for an individual page, without affecting your notification status for other pages.

As of yet there are no additional notification controls added to the Facebook account settings that would prevent these from working as expected.

Yes, you need to encourage your fans to go click this IF the pro elements are in your favor. Listen to the report and make up your mind… in the meantime, click “Get Notifications” on my page on Facebook (click here) to stay up to date on Facebook and social marketing news as it happens!

Feel free to share the image above with your fans directly and encourage them to “Get Notifications” from both you and I!

Have you checked out the “Get Notifications” feature yet?