When training or consulting most folk focus on how many ‘Likes’ their Facebook Page has as a good metric to note.facebook engagement measurement and facebook management

Yes, it is important to keep growing your audience in a targeted and specific way (not buying 10,000 fans – as a few have exposed to me). But the critical number we all should be looking at is the number associated with ‘People Talking About This’ .

For example – the Carvill Creative Page today has a total of 2036 fans – and I’m proud to say that none of those fans have been ‘bought’ in – they have engaged with our Page and liked us over the few months we’ve been promoting our Page. However, the number of People Talking About Us – today was reading 34.

What makes up the People Talking About Us number?

This number is all about engagement. And therefore, is by far the more important number. What does it mean? Well effectively, over the past 7 days 34 people have either commented on a post, liked a post, or shared it. Effectively, they’ve engaged in some way.

The key for us at Carvill Creative is to keep that engagement going and growing.

Engagement Calculation

To run a very simple calculation – People Talking About This (TAT) divided by number of ‘Likes’ and then times that by 100 – will give us our percentage of engagement.

So, 34 (TAT) / 2036 x 100 = 2%

Apparently, according to recent research – anything over 10% is fabulous. And so we watch our engagement levels closely (we have actually been up to 12% on certain weeks), to see what works and what our audience engages with.

A simple metric – but the People Talking About This number is the number that matters on Facebook. Less about the Likes and more about Engaging your audience.

That’s ours this week – what’s yours?

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