facebook highlights posts to promoteThe latest development in Facebook’s ongoing quest for higher revenue? A new feature for page admins that highlights their most engaging posts, which is designed to encourage admins to purchase more promoted posts.

Take a look at your page admin dashboard. If you see any posts highlighted in yellow, those are the posts that Facebook has identified as your most engaging (as pictured below, via DashBurst). From there, you can click Boost Post under the Promotion column to further amplify the post—for a price, of course.


facebook highlighted page posts

In the scheme of Facebook changes, this certainly ranks among the more subtle. Yet it’s a clear indication that Facebook is continuing to move toward more tools and services that will increase its revenue. Although this makes sense, that doesn’t make it any more palatable for page admins who are dealing with recent changes like the reported removal of page posts from the Facebook News Ticker. And we can’t overlook this week’s big news, the arrival of Facebook hashtags, the effect of which remains to be seen (especially for Facebook marketers).

Daniel Zeevi of DashBurst has an interesting take on why Facebook opted to use the color yellow for this new feature, rather than something like their signature blue hue.

“Psychologists and designers alike have speculated that the color yellow activates our memory, stimulates our nervous system and even encourages communication,” he writes.

That’s right—not only does Facebook want your money, they want to get even farther inside your head, too! Is it working?

All jokes aside, we’re interested to see if this new feature makes any difference in the number of promoted posts. We’ve noticed the highlighted posts in several of the admin dashboards we access, but it hasn’t necessarily made us clamor to promote that specific content.

What’s your take? Have you noticed the newly highlighted posts on your admin dashboard? And if so, do they make you any more likely to purchase promoted posts?

Image: liveandrock via Compfight cc