Marketers Not in Sync with Facebook Consumers?

This chart featured in an eMarketer article: Facebook Dominant Social Network for SMBs exposes a disconnect between Facebook users/consumers and marketers. The marketers surveyed identifed wall posts as the most effective marketing tactic. Yet, only 16% of consumers say they’ve interacted with a brand on Facebook. The disconnect widens when you consider how far down the list “Likes”, references and customer engagement through surveys are.

Some Thoughts to Consider

  • Over 65% of consumers on Facebook have “Liked” a brand. This is a first signal and point of contact for a brand and the starting point for engagement
  • If you don’t have a Facebook page consider setting one up. Here’s ours (it’s a work in progress!)
  • Go and check out the brands that are considered a success on Facebook. You can start with the top 10 brands on Facebook (as of Nov 2010)
  • Recent changes such as Timeline and Facebook’s movement to the “Liking” of activites and experiences represent an opportunity for brands to create new ways to connect and engage with consumers.
    Event B2B companies should be experimenting with Facebook to learn how to use the network as a platform to engage and humanize their brand

What’s your thoughts on using Facebook for your business? Are we marketers missing the boat? Do you, as a consumer want to engage with brands on Facebook? If you “Like” brands on Facebook why? Do you have examples of great company Facebook pages? Some not so great ones? (Our’s needs work…!)

There’s no simple answer here. What matters is having a conversation about this topic so we can learn and share our experiences and help each other.