Facebook Business Pages are not going anywhere any time soon. I have been talking to business owners about Social Media, conducting seminars and providing full-service management of Facebook Business Pages for marketing and advertising services for nearly a decade. During this time I heard many reasons for why businesses did not think they needed to bother with Facebook, including the thought that they were just a fad.

Well, Facebook recently released some numbers regarding the popularity of their Business Pages, and it proves more companies and organizations understand the importance of this tool in relation to the growth and relevance of their business.

There are now 60 million businesses with a Page on Facebook, this is a 33% increase from one year ago.

While there are a lot of Business Pages on the platform, many businesses get discouraged by their failure to see results. “The number one reason businesses succeed or fail is their ability to attract customers,” Facebook said. Without a solid, professionally run campaign a Business Page will likely not produce the results most companies seek. Unfortunately, when businesses do not see results they decide it doesn’t work and stop using it.

This is not the case, it does work. With 60 million Business Pages and over 1 billion users and the company’s updating features so businesses will succeed on the platform Facebook is a very important tool for businesses to succeed.

Though, unfortunately, just having a Facebook is not enough. Even if you build it they may not come. Businesses must also advertise on the network. However, of the 60 million Business Pages on the site only 4 million are advertising.

Facebook has been consistently updating their advertising features. 4 million businesses actively advertise. With only 6% of the businesses on Facebook actively running ads this provides little competition for most businesses, a great reason for your business to start a campaign.

Additionally, there are several options for advertising, including boosting Page updates, promoting Pages, local awareness ads, highly targeted ads defined by age, gender, location, interests, behaviors, etc. and video ads. Facebook ads now also show outside of the network to non-Facebook users. Advertising is an important part of a serious campaign.

A well-run, professionally planned marketing and advertising campaign on Facebook will help your business achieve its goals and remain relevant to current and potential customers. Facebook Business Pages work and they are here to stay, for now.