Facebook has quietly rolled out a new layout for Business/Brand Pages. The new format features a cleaner layout and a more organized look and feel.

The new layout has been popping up on a few Pages here and there this past summer. At the time Facebook claimed they were only a test and made no indication that the new layout would become permanent for all Business Pages on the site.

However, as of last week most Businesses have seen the change to the layout and any Business Pages that have not seen the format change will very soon.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the redesigned Pages’ launch to TechCrunch, saying “We’ve introduced a new design for Pages on desktop to make it easier for people to learn about and interact with businesses on Facebook, including a new column for tab navigation and a more prominent call-to-action button.”


Bye-Bye Tabs

The most significant change is that the new layout no longer features tabs. The new layout makes the Page feel more like a website. The navigation is now located on the side of the page. This allows users to more easily find sections of interest, such as the About page, photos, videos, events or custom pages.

FB look 1

Cover Photo Footprint

The cover photo is now its own real estate with a wide open expanse that is no longer blocked by the profile picture. The two photos are now repositioned on the page. The profile photo now appears at the top left of the page while the cover photo spans the space next to the profile picture. The cover photo size remains the same (828 px by 315 px) so no changes need to be made in this respect. However, if you formatted the photo to factor in the space for the profile picture you may need to re-format the photo.

As you can see below , with the new profile photo placement there is a large chunk of space on the cover photo where the space was left blank for the profile photo with the old layout.

FB look 2

Seek and You Shall Find

The right side navigation on the Page now features a search box for visitors to search posts on the Page. This feature allows users to find information that would be of interest to them, for instance they will be able to go to a Business Page and search for a “special offer” or a “coupon” or a “discount” if they were interested in visiting the business for services.

FB look 3

Shout it Out

The most important change for the Page layout is the placement of the call-to-action button. It is now a larger size and is bright blue in color located just below the cover photo and above the right side navigation pane.

Prominently featuring the call-to-action button on the Page will provide visitors easy access to the content a business wishes to promote, book a visit, learn more, buy now or watch a video about services. The new layout definitely turns the Business Page into a more important sales tool than ever before.

FB look 4

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen

Facebook has also completely removed display ads from showing on Business Pages. This means that your Business Page is the only business doing any selling on the page. While this change does make room for the cleaner look of the new layout it also limits the number of ads that show on the site itself on a desktop.


While seemingly this move could have an impact on Facebook’s bottom line, the company’s most recent earnings indicate that desktop ads are no longer where Facebook generates the most revenue, as TechCrunch reports. Instead, the company said that 84 percent of its ad revenue now comes from mobile, and total ad revenue was $6.24 billion.

Get With the Program

Make sure your Facebook Page has changed with the new layout. Spruce up the cover photo, the profile photo, make sure your left navigation contains all pertinent information, post updates that share your special offers or discounts/coupons and most importantly decide what call-to-action will work best for your business and get it up on the Page.