Facebook has been focusing on building tools and partnerships TV programs, and they will continue to expand their partnerships around the world. Dan Rose, Facebook Vice President of Partnerships shares that It has consistently observed that a lot people are talking about their favorite TV shows on Facebook.

Recently, Facebook has introduced a series of new products that enable more people to connect with public conversations that are happening on Facebook. Products like hashtags, embedded posts and trending topics are facilitating this activity on Facebook and allowing more people to discover and participate in content that is interesting and relevant to them.

Several weeks ago, they had announced the initial Beta of two new APIs to make it easier for content producers to integrate public conversations on Facebook into their shows. The Public Feed API is a real-time feed of public posts to pull out and feature in broadcasts. And the Keyword Insights API allows our partners to search Facebook posts for a specific term and understand basic demographic information, including gender, age and location.

Today, at the global television conference MIPCOM in Cannes, Facebook announce that they are extending their Beta to new partners who will being using their APIs in their programming across France, Germany, Brazil, Canada and India.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Facebook has partnered the STAR network in India.

These partners will be able to highlight public posts of real-time activity on Facebook about topics related to their shows, and measure the engagement around keywords from their programs. They will also be able to understand the basic demographics and location of the people that are posting this content, in an anonymized and aggregated format.

On the other hand, Twitter India under Rishi Jaitly has also been working towards Television partnerships lately. Twitter has been partnering with Star TV, UTV, Sony Max, etc.

The cast of @24onColors is hosting Twitter chats today before tonight’s premiere! #24India @TwitterTV #bestpractice https://t.co/l4BbqpmRWX

— Twitter India (@TwitterIndia) October 4, 2013

Now let us see how these partnerships work in the favour of Social Media Giants as well as Television channels.