facebook-box-1334045_640Facebook was once a great way for personal brands to immediately start building an audience for their Pages. In the last few years algorithms have changed all of that, but a new feature aims to solve the organic growth problem.

Many brands and businesses post content, images and video on Facebook as a way to attract likes, comments, and shares. But many of these posts are no longer seen in the News Feeds. This can be a challenge for visibility, which Facebook Audience Optimization offers to fix with targeted posts.

The new feature can help your brand focus on the right audience based on your topic and related interests. With the addition of specific tags a post has more potential to reach your community and attract new Fans.

When you publish a new post on Facebook your brand can is place its content in front of the eyes of thousands of readers who will be more likely to be interested in your products or services. A simple addition of a few key terms is all that is needed.

How Facebook Audience Optimization Can Increase Visibility

Here are several ways the new Facebook feature can enhance your organic visibility:

  • Targeted marketing on Facebook – While a paid advertising campaign can allow for demographics and keywords, a specific group of tags can potentially attract the same Fans as along as it is not too broad and relates well to your content.
  • Attracts interested readers – Even if your brand is posting on a specific topic you can include tags for followers who are interested in anything related to that. This can even include the use of large brand names and even celebrities. Facebook provides the potential reach for every tag used.
  • News feed visibility – A post that includes targeted tags is more like to be seen in the New Feeds than one that is not. If your posts are no longer being seen by your Fans then this could bring your visibility back to their profiles. Tags that include terms that are not too broad in scope, but are more specific will have a better reach.
  • Increase in conversions – When your brand researches your target market for the right post tags then your readers will be more likely to make a purchase. Because you are honing in on a specific market they will have a greater interest in what you have to offer.

Creating a Facebook Audience Optimization strategy for your brand is simple to set up in your Page settings if your Fan base is under 5,000 Fans. Otherwise the feature is automatically available to all English speaking brand Pages. The next time your business publishes a post you will be able to focus on a targeted audience with the ability to attract more visibility and leads.