We are starting to hear from places like TechCrunch and a few other sites that the Facebook iPad app has finally arrived in the App Store. We are not yet seeing it there, but the news has apparently dropped according to a schedule run by Facebook itself, so the app should follow soon. The app looks … about like you’d expect a Facebook iPad app to look, with a sidebar available in landscape mode, and a dropdown menu to browse the various sections in portrait mode.

We are being told that one of the biggest features of the new app is integration with other apps — apparently the app can send you directly to other apps on your iPad when you browse to them from a friend’s status or news post. For example, if you read about a Words with Friends move on a friend’s status, you can click a link on that post, and be sent right out to the iPad version of Words with Friends (or, if you don’t have it installed, you’ll get sent to the App Store to download it). That will help developers a lot with connecting users up on their various platforms.

Have you been able to download it yet?

What are you thoughts?