There are over 1.5 billion searches per day and over 2 trillion updates on Facebook.  Search is an “important, long-term effort at Facebook.”  (Facebook Newsroom)  Because of the importance of search Facebook announced Search FYI.

Tom Stocky, VP of Search at Facebook, announced via the Facebook Newsroom that the platform is updating its Search functions so that users can not only find information about their friends and family, but they can “find out what the world is saying about topics that matter.”

Better Search Suggestions

Timely and personalized search suggestions will now be offered to you when you use the search feature on Facebook.  As you type you will see Facebook highlight things that are “happening right now so you can follow popular stories as they unfold.”

Search Results with Public Posts and Friends’ Posts

The most recent and relevant posts, both public and from friends, will be shown to you when you conduct a search.  The results will be organized to help you “cut through the noise” and quickly see what the world is saying about a topic at that moment.  You can also “pull-to-refresh and see the latest posts.”

Search & Find Public Conversations

If there is a link that is shared widely on Facebook it is usually part of an interesting conversation.  There is now a way to quickly see that discussion.  “With one tap, you can find public posts about a link, see popular quotes and phrases mentioned in these posts and check out an aggregate overview of sentiment.”  This type of search will also help Facebook track to see how they can make it better.

“The diverse experiences and perspectives that are shared on Facebook can’t be found anywhere else.”

Thus your search results will be personalized and unique only to you.  You will only see things that have been shared with you and you can also control who can see your posts.

Today’s updates are now out in US English on iPhone, Android and desktop.

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