Facebook is an effective medium for sharing content and engaging with your fans. But did you know that posts only reach a small percentage of your followers organically? That’s where Facebook ads and promoted posts come in to help increase awareness and reach more followers.

Facebook Ads vs. Promoted Posts: Which is better?

Facebook’s two primary ways to promote your business are advertisements and promoted posts. After all, Facebook is a public company and its main goal is to make money. But Facebook’s two methods will help you reach your target audience within your budget. We’ll describe each of these methods, the pros and cons and how it affects your business.

Facebook Advertising

Ads on Facebook appear on the sides of a user’s screen and help raise awareness of your company’s page outside of your network. Facebook advertising is a great way to generate more likes on your page, so if your company is new to Facebook, then this is a good avenue to take. Here are the specific pros and cons of advertising:

facebook advertising pros and cons

Facebook ads are similar to Google ads in that you choose your own budget and won’t go over unless you choose to. Facebook’s cost per click is also significantly lower than what you would pay with Google Adwords. Facebook ads are effective if you are trying to increase your page likes or promote a certain sale, new product, etc. However, be aware that many Facebook users do not like ads and tend to ignore them.

If you already have a large following on Facebook, then promoted posts are a great way to reach a larger percentage of your audience. A typical Facebook post does not reach even half of your followers due to Edgerank’s algorithm, so it is hard for businesses to share news and content with unpaid posts.

facebook promoted posts pros and cons

Promoted posts allow you to pay to have more people see your post in their News Feed. Facebook is currently testing different language, so you may see “promote”, “boost” or “advertise” in the post’s box, but they are all the same action.

By simply clicking on “Boost Post” at the bottom right of the post, you can reach hundreds or thousands of more followers and friends of followers. These also have a maximum, customizable budget that can target certain demographics in your following.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but it all depends on what your company wants to accomplish. Before spending money from your budget, determine your company’s marketing goals first. Then decide which option is best based on those goals.

Have you had success with either of these methods? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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