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While Facebook Ads contribute to the overall sales conversion process, they, like all other advertising tactics, are not designed to “make a sale.”

Many business owners, still struggling to understand the value of Social Media to their overall success, are even more confused about the role of Social “Advertising.”

Social Media Marketing is used to raise awareness of a business and to foster interaction. The goal is to get people interested enough to join the conversation.  Good posts can generate comments and shares, giving a business a larger and more interested audience.

Success is measured both by how many people “like” the page and how much activity (comments, likes and shares) is generated.

Social Media Advertising takes the process a step further by targeting people, who may or may not be friends of a Page.  Ad are designed to attract attention  and to convince the viewer to “click” through to the website or landing page, where they can buy the product, get a coupon, take advantage of a special deal or just learn more about a company.

Once the “click” has happened, the Facebook Ad has done its job.

Here are a few of the problems we have seen when business owners try their hand at Social Advertising:

“Few People are Seeing my Ads”

Are you spending enough on the ad campaign?  The adage “money talks” is true when it comes to competing for ad space on a competitive platform. (And Facebook Ads are getting more popular by the day.)  Since your ads are competing for visibility, deciding on the right ad type and carefully targeting it will go a long way towards having the right people see your ads.

“My Facebook Ads are not generating clicks”

Have you designed an effective ad?  Using the right images and messages is extremely important. Images must be eye-catching, interesting and appropriate. The ad copy must be well written and brief, provocative enough to convince the audience to click to learn more.

Are the right people seeing your ads?  Facebook has several types of ads to choose from and can help you define your target market based on many parameters.

 “People are clicking through to my Website, but I’m not making sales.”

Is your website doing its job?  Do you have an effective “call to action?” Does the website take too long to open?  Are you sending viewers to the right page and providing the information that your ad promised?   Your Website is where the conversions happen. If people can buy products from your website, make sure to make it as easy for them as possible. Keep your contact information front and center.

Your Facebook Page, your ad campaign and your website should work together.  Facebook raises awareness of your business and gets people interested enough to visit the website.  Your Website should convince them that you are the company they should be doing business with.

By combining a strong marketing plan, an aggressive advertising campaign and a good website, your business can achieve the sales results you desire.