So Facebook, with its addictive desire to become the king of kings in the social and marketing world, is rolling out a new little feature that should catch them up to the rest of the pack in the marketing race. This new feature comes in the shape of a buy button.

Facebook has recently expanded the options with product ads, where you can now display several ads all at once to not only provide more visibility with your products and specials, but to reach a bigger audience.

Now Facebook wants to continue to add to these new features with a buy button. As of now, when Facebook users see an ad and click on it, it takes them away from Facebook and to the specific site. So in order to keep their users corralled within their fences, Facebook is looking to expand on its buy button.

The buy button was only a test with a few retailers until recent, when Facebook revealed that the buy button is being opened up to retailers on Shopify’s ecommerce site. In case you’re not seeing the big picture here, that’s a really big stepping stone in the direction of buy buttons being made available to all businesses who are marketing on Facebook.

So what does this mean to businesses and marketers?

As of now, the buy buttons will only show up in posts run by Shopify retailers, whether it’s organic or paid ads. Instead of heading over to the retailers website and surfing around to find the deal you’re looking for, Facebook users can now click the buy button and make the purchase without even leaving Facebook. I mean, heaven forbid, you have to interrupt your Facebook session. But realistically, people don’t want to

So if you’re not currently running ads on Facebook, you might want to reconsider. This little buy button is certainly a game changer in the digital marketing world.