Facebook ads are all the rage these days, and rightfully so.

With the addition of mobile newsfeed ads this year, your ability to drive impressions and create effective ads has skyrocketed! When done in combination with other powerful tactics, you can create some very potent ads targeted to just the right people. Let’s take a look at some examples.

When search ads still existed, these were killer for driving awareness. Like the screenshot says, we were able to hammer a small audience and make sure Marketo was always on their mind. With search ads dead, how can replicate that sort of success with the newsfeed?

In these Beck’s ad, the images are slightly altered and have widely varying results. Take a look at the CTR and CPC of ads two and four compared to the rest. There is a distinct level of success for those two in particular.

The same can be said about the different text combinations used with the pictures. Running all of these different combinations shows clear winners and losers. Comparing ads one and eight to two, three and five, the picture starts to become clear.

But at what cost? By running all of these ad combinations for so long on the Right Hand Side, without optimizing or refreshing so many combinations, CTR slipped down week by week. The result was a high cost per fan that could have been avoided.

Even major brands need to optimize ads for performance. Looking at our dashboard screenshot, this TV network has over 3 billion impressions. Yet they run newsfeed ads that are less than 1% of those impressions. Keeping your audience small enough to know how well an ad is actually performing is very important.

That same network promoted posts that mentioned advertisers. With CTR in the 2% and Cost per action down the penny in the US, targeting mothers. The advertisers were very happy with the engagement and reach, as well. Although paid was used to give the campaign a boost, these are the sort of results any company can achieve by strategizing.

Here is the daily Facebook ad performance for a cosmetics company. By using ads that feature women using their product, they are averaging almost 6% in their desktop and mobile newsfeed! From some of the ad titles, notice that a few of them are even more specifically targeted.

The Green Bay ad, for example, has 10.25% CTR- with an inverse CPC, this is a very effective campaign. Rather than wasting on a lot of combinations to see how they play out, using optimized ads has done very well for this company.

And here is a little glance in our average performance since 2010. CTR has DOUBLED in the past year! With desktop and mobile newsfeed ads our ability to create effective ads has grown- the numbers show it.

Successful advertising campaigns are a mixture of the right ads and audience. Keeping your audience in smaller segments that you can create unique, powerful advertisements without wasting spend on combinations is a great way to do that. Anyone can generate a high CTR, just keep your goals in mind with every step you take.