Image via CrunchBase

This past week Facebook rolled out a bunch of news features. Early in the week it was the new newsfeed and user interface, which was met with mixed reviews. I happen to like the changes, and while they are “different”, they are an improvement. They just take some getting used to. My favorite part is that you gain much more control over what you see and what you share, in an easier to modify interface.

Then on Thursday they introduced a number of other new features, the biggest of which is the new Timeline profile feature. I took the liberty of activating it on Friday, and like most of my friends, I absolutely love it. It doesn’t change your home page/newsfeed, only your profile.

This is Facebook’s official video showing you what it looks like:

While they’ll be rolling it out to everyone eventually, you can actually go through a few steps to activate it now. I suggest you do this, so you can play around and get used to things, but it’s incredible how easily you can go back and see your life since you’ve been on Facebook. I joined almost exactly five years ago, and it was like going through an old yearbook or photo album. Lots of fun.

This video tutorial will show you how you can activate it now:

And finally, this video will walk you through how to customize your new profile:

Enjoy and have fun!