When you have a free minute on your phone, it’s easy to quickly hop onto Facebook and check out what’s going on. If you’ve been paying even a little bit of attention, you’ve seen ads catered to your interests popping up on this Goliath of a social media site. It makes you wonder exactly how Facebook knows what you like.

Facebook has created an advertising platform that is dynamic and caters to its captive audience.

Building your brand is paramount to any success in our modern advertising environment. One of the most powerful tools in building a brand is the advent of Facebook. Facebook has gone from a site designed solely to interact with friends online to a site where you can express your likes and interests or find any number of upcoming events and activities to participate in. Organizations and other groups, such as college clubs, non profits, or even local meetups, have leveraged fan pages for quite some time now, but only recently have they begun to unlock the power of advertising.

Facebook Ads are different and unique compared to traditional Google Ads you may be used to seeing. The way in which Facebook Ads are displayed is based on a user’s interests, and these advertisements show up in the user’s news feed and on the side of the page. They perform well because they feel like they belong there organically and are based off your interests. For example, if you like scuba diving, you may see a dynamic ad for a dive resort in Bali, or if you were recently searching for a toy BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Amazon, you may see an Amazon ad with that same BB-8 right in your feed.

Facebook prides itself on displaying ads so they feel comfortable to the user and do not stick out like a sore thumb. Every ad goes through a Facebook approval process before it ever goes live. This is so Facebook can ensure your ad doesn’t feel like spam to their users, because, after all, they aren’t your customers, they’re Facebook’s, at least for now.

The power and simplicity of Facebook Ad Center allows you to create powerful, image-focused ads that can cater to any specific demographic you can imagine. If you wanted to create an ad for a Spring Break getaway and only wanted it to be seen by adults aged 18-25, living on the West Coast, and currently attending a university, you can do that. No matter how broad or captive the audience, Facebook makes it simple to advertise how you want to advertise, and to whom you want to advertise. If you test and make minor adjustments to your ad and audience settings to determine what works best, you can often see your CPC and CPM drop to amazingly low numbers, which can mean more affordable advertising compared to other methods.

Facebook advertising is not complex and just about anyone can create an ad, as long as they have a fan page. And considering that Facebook has 1.55 billion active users, it is a tool that should be mandatory for businesses to execute their advertising strategy.