Sounds So Sweet!

Did you know that just like video you can easily get audio files to have a player available on Facebook?

It’s a pretty cool and easy trick that doesn’t get talked about often but when you need it makes a superb impression!

Facebook actually handles embedded audio really well (much to my original surprise).

If you share a link that ends in .mp3 (such as your media link will after you upload it to Amazon S3), that shared link will open an audio player for your friends/fans.

That was the result of sharing my podcast file URL after I loaded it to Amazon S3 for this test. (I do not recommend that your podcast files be streamed from Amazon S3.) See how the URL ends in .mp3?

This is essentially similar to how sharing a YouTube link opens a video player.

Same idea.

What this also means is that you can share your podcast feed to your page/profile using a tool like RSS Graffiti and each item will have an audio player. (This is occasionally buggy but usually works well.)

Want to quickly record short (sub-five minute) audios from your mobile phone and auto-post them to Facebook? Check out Audioboo which handles the mobile application, hosting, social sharing and takes advantage of a similar player on Facebook.

Have you tried using audio on Facebook yet?