If you’ve ever liked another Facebook page as your business page you’ll notice a Likes section as a permanent feature on your timeline.

Basically, this section takes up a sizable portion of your Facebook page and displays up to 5 pages you’ve liked on a random cycle. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal, right?

Not so fast, this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

For example, what if you’re following a competitor’s page or maybe a completely off-topic fanpage you forgot/mistakenly followed?

This week’s Social Media Minute will teach you how to change the Featured Likes section on your Facebook page time and the hypothetical advantages of doing it too.


Watch the helpful social media tutorial video below for a full walk-through:

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video on YouTube.

Hypothetical Advantages

Here’s a few ideas of how I think you could optimize your 5 Featured Likes in order to help the build perceived value of your Facebook presence.

  • Industry Pages/Causes you support
    • Shows that you’ve engaged on the platform outside of just setting up a page
    • Visually associates your Facebook page with other recognizable industry related brands/causes
    • Keeps your Facebook timeline “On-brand”
  • Brand sub-pages
    • Highlights other segments of your overall social presence
    • Increases likelihood of cross promotion
  • Clients/Partners
    • Builds credibility
    • Promotes interest which may help in lead generation
    • Highlights the work you’ve done


This Facebook page feature is often overlooked by most page admins and I don’t blame them.

While editing the Featured Likes of your Facebook page isn’t a game changer and these are all hypothetical advantages, it’s still important to recognize how much prime real-estate the section takes up on your timeline.

Finally, liking other relevant Facebook pages is still a good practice as it can provide an extra source of content or insight into competitors. Keep in mind you can also remove the Featured Likes section from appearing on your page by not liking any pages at all.