Is your Facebook business page growing fan engagement or attracting new fans with each update and image you share?

Many factors come into play with Facebook algorithms and viewership of business pages. This month is one of the busiest months for Facebook users and it’s an optimal time to creatively share business information. Use the following Facebook tactics to get the most out of your marketing.

Get the right views with Organic Facebook Post Targeting:

Target your Facebook posts to specific audiences using Facebook’s News Feed Targeting. You can select the audience based on interests, age, education, and other demographics. Use these to select the right audience for your content.

How to Turn On targeting options for your Business Page:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. From General, click News Feed Audience and Visibility for Posts
  3. Click to check the box next to Allow News Feed audience selection and post visibility options for this Page
  4. Click Save Changes

When creating targeted Facebook posts follow these three steps:

Facebook Organic Post Targeting

  1. Write the post (include any links, images, or videos)
  2. Click on the targeting tool and select your audience
  3. Schedule the post at the most optimal time for reaching this audience

Get more website views with Facebook’s Call-To-Action Button:

Use Facebook’s new Call-To-Action button to drive viewers to your website. Choose from a variety of social actions: sign up, book now, watch video. Tailor the Call-To-Action button to your cover photo, a pinned post, or a current marketing campaign.

Facebook Call To Action Button

Keep high-performing posts front and center with Facebook’s Pinned Post:

Use Facebook’s Pinned Post functionality to pin an organic post with high engagement at the top of your business Facebook page. Or pin a post tied to a current campaign or offer.

To Pin A Post:

Facebook Pinned Post

Select the arrow in the top right corner of a post that has already published. Choose the option to Pin Post To Top of Page.

Promote big news with your Cover Photo space:

Use Facebook’s cover photo space to promote upcoming events, new products, or your website. The free image design tool Picmonkey offers the ability to create engaging, customized Facebook Cover Photos.

We use our page cover space to promote our free eBook with 97 small business marketing tools.

Free Small Business Marketing

Take advantage of the buying season using Facebook Offers:

Facebook allows users to turn a post into an offer without the expense of creating an advertisement. Use the offers function to boost registrations for an upcoming event, promote a product, or to get people to download a new eBook.

Create a Facebook Offer Post

How to Create an Offer Post

  1. Select the Offer, Event + option at the top of the status update field
  2. Select Offer and then complete all the fields of your offer (Description, expiration, images, etc)

Get more shares with Strategic Post Editing:

When creating posts that link to an article, or content curated from another person or business, or posts that mention someone specifically – tag the business or person in the post. Doing so will increase the audience reach to include the business or person’s connections.

How to tag a business:

  1. When writing the business name in the post, place the @ sign just before the business name, this will bring up a selection of Facebook pages. Choose the correct page.
  2. It’s easier to do this and ensure accuracy by first going to the business’s Facebook page and “Liking” their business page as your business page.
    1. Use Facebook as your business page
    2. Go to the business page you are referencing and “Like” their page
    3. Then, write your post on your business page and tag the business

How to tag a person:

  1. To tag a person in a business page post, you personally must be connected to that person on Facebook. If you are, simply place the @ sign before writing their name and tag them.
  2. When tagging a person on your business page, we advise getting their permission first.

What tips can you add to increase Facebook fan engagement and ROI? Please share in the comments!