It’s easy to buy Facebook fans. A quick Google search for “buy Facebook fans” will bring thousands of results. There are hundreds of deals, each one better than the previous one. When your page is new and it looks kind of embarrassing to have 7 followers (including closest family) it can be tempting to plunk down a few dollars… So, is it a good idea?


What Happens When You Buy Facebook Fans?

A person who decides to buy Facebook Fans faces two potentially disastrous consequences. Facebook is about providing relevant content that creates real engagement. When you decide to buy Facebook fans the chances are they will not interact with your posts. They will not “like” your updates, will not comment on your posts nor will they share anything with their friends. This behaviour will in turn tell Facebook that your posts are not interesting. As a result they will be shown to an even smaller group of people and it is very likely that your real fans (the ones who actually clicked the “like” button) will not see them at all. This is how Facebook Edgerank works.

I was recently reviewing a client’s page. I was surprised at how few people were commenting and liking his company’s updates (and they were decent: tips/hints, photos and videos.) A quick look at page insights revealed that almost a third of the fans were living in Vietnam. An unusual fan base for a small business located in Arizona… We recommended that these fans be removed from the page.

Another risk associated with buying Facebook fans is a financial one. Whenever you promote a post it costs money. The price of promoting a post depends on the number of fans you want to reach. If a half of your fans were bought and show no interest in what you have to say than the money spent on reaching them is wasted.

So, don’t buy Facebook fans. Instead post engaging content and add a “like” button on your website, to your blog and your newsletter. Additionally, use Facebook ads and sponsored stories to reach Facebook users who may have real interest in your business. It’s the best long-term investment.