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Generate more leads with a more robust Facebook marketing strategy

Most businesses have a Facebook page, but they aren’t taking full advantage of one of the most powerful marketing mediums on the web. Facebook has approximately 2 BILLION active monthly users, making it the must-have social media platform in any marketer’s playbook. To stand out on this active network, you’ll need to engage users from multiple angles.

A Multifaceted Approach to Facebook Marketing

Businesses can leverage the power of Facebook in several ways, and it’s up to each marketing professional to choose which avenues are most likely to yield the best results for their brands. Visibility and engagement are the most crucial aspects of any approach, but it’s imperative to update pages and engage with commenters and subscribers on a consistent basis no matter how you construct your Facebook marketing strategy.

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Facebook Pages

The “bread and butter” of any Facebook marketing presence is the brand page. A company’s Facebook page functions like it would for an individual: It provides a framework and outline of the brand, what they do, and who might find them relevant or valuable. A company Facebook page needs to quickly convey a lot of information to viewers, including the brand identity, the company mission, latest news, and examples of value. There are more than 40 million small business pages on Facebook, so if a brand can’t rise above the noise and stand out to possible leads, it’s not going to be generating the expected amount of success.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has quickly grown into an advertising giant, and companies have a great deal of potential to exploit by crafting effective Facebook ads. Facebook tailors content, including advertisements, based on users’ interests, friends, and engagement habits. By tailoring your ads to your ideal customer, you’re essentially making Facebook do a lot of the hard work of lead generation for you. Facebook’s targeted advertisement platform is extremely versatile, and allows marketers to target specific age groups, locations, education levels, and specific devices.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has turned into a popular method of boosting engagement in digital spaces. Facebook’s live streaming tool allows companies to provide Facebook users with unique and personal views into their inner workings. Live-streamed events also create a sense of urgency, because passing viewers are more likely to consume content that is only available for a limited time, and they’re likely to want to engage while the event is in progress.

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Leverage the Audience

Of course, one of the best marketing tools is the audience. Audience engagement, feedback, driving conversation, and influencer outreach are all fantastic methods of growing a Facebook presence. Leverage your company’s Facebook page as a means of spreading surveys, questionnaires, and other feedback collection tools. The end goal of any marketing campaign is to drive conversions and build sales, and you can accomplish this on Facebook by asking your audience for its input.

Engagement Leads to Conversions

Customers enjoy feeling valued, and nothing conveys this sentiment more than asking your customer base for its opinions and feedback, and then leveraging those responses into tangible change. As your Facebook audience grows accustomed to engaging with your brand on Facebook, they are going to also grow more likely to share your posts, encourage their social circles to investigate your brand, and ultimately convert as well. Facebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but it’s crucial for marketing professionals to adopt multifaceted approaches to their Facebook campaigns for the best results.